Data Profiles

We live in the day and age where data and information is power. Companies create products that consumers can use for free (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Drive, One Drive, and so on) and then use the consumer generated data to then create fully revealing User Data profiles that track your every movement across the internet.

These profiles are then used simultaneously to do the following:

  1. Create a monetization platform that allows companies to place bids on add space throughout your social media experience. These adds are determined based an advanced algorithm, an AI, that takes into account how long you interact with specific content, how often you interact with specific content, and what content you interact with. This platform does not just sell add space, but it is also designed in a way to chemically induce you to want to provide this AI with more Data through things like notifications, alerts, and messages.
  2. Provide customized (not based off of your preferences, but the preferences that the AI determines for you) search results, social feed, group suggestions, political bias, and other ideologies based on what others search whom reveal similar patterns to you. For example, one person can search on google for something in one state and someone can search the exact same thing in another state and the auto correct for google will actually start prompting different things (src: The Social Dilemma)

What can be done

Glad you asked! Our community supports a mass exodus of all technology and social media. We believe in living in Mud Huts and sourcing all of our own food and living off of the la- just kidding. Technology is an essential part of our lives today. No one is asking you to don a tin foil hat and build a faraday cage in a warehouse. Though if you do, we would love a tour!!

In most cases, all that is needed to be done is a few simple changes in habits. This list is long but not exhaustive and we will label from easy to difficult in descending order.  We will continually add and remove items from this list if we feel they are in the best interest of our readers. If an item was removed, you will see this down at the very bottom of this page with an explanation of why.

  1. The one about a hardened Browser. Difficulty Level: Easy. This just takes some time to set up.
  2. The one about a Password Manager. Difficulty level: Easy - Extreme. Depends who you use and how you set it up.
  3. The one about Encryption. Difficulty Level: Easy - Extreme. Multiple types available for all use cases out there.  (Article coming soon)
  4. The one about your computers Operating System. Did you know Linux is not just for the Technically inclined?  (Article coming soon)
  5. The one about your Texting, SMS, Phone calls, Audio messages, video messages. Protect your privacy, secure your conversations, and empower your friends to do the same.  (Article coming soon)
  6. The one about Sending Emails Securely. Email is used to create currated adds for you in the best case scenarios, what about the worst case scenarios?  (Article coming soon)
  7. The one about how using an email alias will protect you on the Dark Web.  (Article coming soon)
  8. The one about VPN's (Virtual Private Network's). They are NOT all created equal. Everything important that will make you sound smarter in front of your friends. (Article coming soon)
  9. The one about Router's, Router Firmwares, and AP's (Acess Points).  (Article coming soon)
  10. The one about using email on your mobile phone.  (Article coming soon)
  11. The one about Modems. urrrr EEEE urrr NNNGGGG CRRRRcrrrr KEEEEEEE grrr nnnnnng (Article coming soon)
  12. The one about Firewalls. The very kind you hear about in those spy movies.  (Article coming soon)
  13. The one about Social Media. Everyone is dreading this one, we know.  (Article coming soon)
  14. The one about replacing all commercial smart home technology. Some DIY required  (Article coming soon)
  15. The one about Cell Phones. Oh boy, imagine not being tracked AND being able to use your mobile phone. Crazy right? (Article coming soon)

Disclaimer - You knew it was coming right?

Your use of the services above is not warranted or guaranteed by Us, We, or Privacy And Security First in ANY way. Technology is constantly evolving, and with that there are always new exploits and hacks that are discovered on a daily basis. If these are found or discovered by Us, We, or Privacy And Security First we will update the relevant article with any and all known information. Please do your own research to ensure the services above meet your needs and situation.

With all that being said, its important to note that we are not paid by any of the services above, nor will we ever be. This would prevent an honest review. This means that none of the business (whether free or paid) that you provide to the service providers above will be given as a "kick back" toward us. We believe in this model as it allows US to spend the time to do the research for YOU to determine which resources and services are truly worth your time. With this being said, it does take a lot of time to ensure that the services we mention above are truly worthwhile and trustworthy. We would appreciate a donation of anywhere between 1 penny or 100,000 pennies, this allows us to pay for hosting, our time spent ensuring this site stays updated with relevant content, and for other similar expenses. If you can, please donate below.

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