Why should I do this?: There are many reasons to make your browser more privacy focused. The largest reason, in our opinion, is Browser Fingerprinting.

You can read more about Browser Fingerprinting, here. No need to read past "How to Defend Yourself Against Browser Fingerprinting", the remaining is either out of the scope of this post or is addressed later on. We created this article to walk you through how to protect yourself against the issues of Browser Fingerprinting.

Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate

Time To Complete: 45 Minutes

Whats Needed: 1. Newest version of Firefox 2. A custom made profile from Firefox ProfileMaker or you can use the one we created.

What Do I Need To Do:

  1. Install Firefox 
  2. Setup your Firefox profile or download the one we created. 
    1. The download option contains a profile.zip folder for your hardened and secure user profile. The only extension beyond this one we recommend installing is a password manager. It also contains a folder of screenshots from a site called "Firefox Profilemaker". The profile.zip folder that you will be extracting and using here shortly was created with the settings in those screenshots)
    2. If you would like to watch a video about this tool, refer to this one starting at 2:56 into the video. This will open an "invidious" website page, Invidious is a version of YouTube that prevents the abusive data mining done by Google and YouTube. If you want to skip along, at 10:15 is when the video goes over how to add the profile file to your Firefox browser.
    3. As a note, this person is using an operating system call Linux. The icons will appear and look different.

      To open a terminal, press "Start key + R" then type in "CMD" and hit enter.

      Within a terminal or command prompt window, to copy and paste, the keys are different.

      "Ctrl+Ins" is copy and "shift + Ins" is paste.

      You can use the regular/common copy paste commands within the terminal/command prompt window but it will do some funky things you are prepared for.
  3. Once your browser profile is now installed, go to this article and do all of the steps (except for the extensions step as this was addressed by the profile you just created)
  4. Then we are going to go to this site and do the "How To Remove Pocket From Firefox?" and "How To Disable Pocket From The Mozilla Firefox?" steps.
  5. Last couple steps, (they are EXTREMELY easy compared to all the above we promise!) We are going to go to this article created by Firefox themselves. It is going to tell us to go to our Search Preferences. 
    1. Here we are going to set DuckDuckGo as our "Default Search Engine"
    2. We are going to uncheck all the boxes under the "Search Suggestions"
    3. Then last but not least, we are going uncheck all the shortcuts except for DuckDuckGo, Amazon, and Ebay. If you do not use these websites, feel free to uncheck Amazon and Ebay as well.


Whats next? Read Step 2 in Achieving true Privacy and Security Online, The one about a Self-Hosted Password Manager. Difficulty level: Easy - Extreme. Depends who you use and how you set it up.